Airspace Modernization

The only small business focused on safe and efficient integration of legacy air traffic, space launches and reentries, and UAS operations

Who We are

AirSpace Innovation (ASI) was founded to help our government and industry clients achieve their goals with the best outcomes through comprehensive technical excellence, cost-efficient execution, timely delivery, and incorporating a broad perspective from multiple government agencies and industries.

With over 20 years of aerospace and government experience working with the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, and industry; we provide unique engineering expertise and value to our clients by incorporating broad domain knowledge of global ATM operations and technologies, multi-disciplinary skillsets, cross-agency collaboration, military use cases, and partnerships with industry and academia.

What we do

Our mission is to provide engineering, technical and professional services to federal government agencies and commercial customers in the areas of ATM modernization, new entrants integration, and civil-military airspace coordination.


Our staff have over 20 years of experience in aviation systems, program management, space launches and reentries, advanced air mobility / UAS operations.

We are trusted by the FAA and DoD on their their airspace modernization efforts.

Our specializations


Space Launches and Spaceports

Integrating space launches and reentries into airspace, regulation/licensing, minimizing ATM impacts


ATM/ATC Modernization

ATM master plans and roadmaps (automation, procedures, and CNS)



BVLOS and AAM/UAM procedures, policy, technology

At AirSpace Innovation, we are proud to offer technical and program management services to both government and commercial clients alike. We specialize in technology acquisition, from pre-program studies, program formulation, solicitation, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation, technical and programmatic insight and oversight, field testing, demonstration and research, and technology transition.

best of both worlds

Our experienced project teams are capable of developing designs and intellectual property to meet the needs of commercial clients as well as federal ones. Our expertise in both government & commercial organizations gives us a unique insight into our clients, allowing us to best advise them to achieve their desired goals. Above all else, we maintain a customer-focused mindset, ensuring that we recruit and retain the highest-quality teams to support them.

Our COntracts

FAA government customers can reach AirSpace Innovation through the FAA eFast, SETIS, and Florida NextGen Testbed OTA contracts.

We have DoD partners we can work through to support DoD efforts.

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