About Us

Our Mission

With over 20 years of aerospace and government experience working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Defense (DoD), and industry; we saw opportunities in ATM modernization for exceptional engineering services. These services would provide exceptional valuing by incorporating broad domain knowledge of FAA and global ATM operations and technologies, multi-disciplinary skillsets, cross agency collaboration, and partnerships with industry and academia.

In 2021, AirSpace Innovation LLC (ASI) was founded to help our government and industry customers achieve their goals with the best outcomes through comprehensive technical excellence, cost-efficient execution, timely delivery, and the broad perspective from multiple government agencies and industry.

Our staff have been instrumental in the definition of new Air Traffic Management (ATM) investments for FAA acquisition programs, demonstrations, and strategic plans. We also have experience developing ATM master plans and modernization roadmaps for international ANSPs including those in the Asia-Pacific region.

We are the only small business with significant expertise in the safe and efficient integration of legacy air traffic, space launches and reentries, and UAS operations. Our clients include the FAA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and others.


Our Expertise

Our services focus on strategic planning & roadmaps, acquisition planning, systems engineering, analysis, and concept exploration (R&D). Our domain expertise include both civil and military ATM. In particular, they include the following:

  • ATM operations – surface, terminal, en-route, oceanic, air traffic flow management (ATFM)
    • Trajectory based operation (TBO)
  • ATM systems/automation – ERAM, STARS, ATOP, TFDM, TBFM, TFMS
  • ATM infrastructure including communications, navigation, and surveillance systems
  • Data exchange and information exchange (e.g., SWIM, ICAO -XM data formats)
    • Flight & Flow In a Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE)
  • New entrants integration including advanced air mobility (AAM) and space operations
    • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation, UAS Traffic Management (UTM),
    • Space launch/reentry, spaceports
    • Commercial supersonic aircraft and hypersonic
  • Demonstration planning and implementation